Hey all.  I wonder if we could discuss the nature of our spiritual bondage.  Could this bondage be divinely sanctioned - I mean, could this just be a necessary step in the ascension process?  The beings doing the suppressing just carrying out a program.  I know it sounds like dangerous thinking, but could this just be a matter of proper perspective?  I in no way am saying that the world is "OK" or that we don't have work to do.  I'd like to see some discussion heading in this direction.  PEACE!   

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Spiritual bondage = Fear, and fear from what I understand will forever hold you from your ascension. Whom ever is creating this bondage as you say is creating fear within you, which you have a choice, to either believe it or not. I have chosen not to believe because we cannot come from love if we accept the concept of fear. We seem to spend so much time telling ourselves that there's something to be afraid of and then going out to try and find this bondage, evil or what ever you name it and in return attract fear. Now I heard that we must fight this, but really aren't we just fighting concepts of fear within each of us. I wish there was a step guide in the ascension process, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be. We have seen and will continue to see things happen all over this earth which will keep us trying to understand the fear we must fight and as long as we allow this fear in our own world of possibilities you will keep attracting what you fear. What ever is for your highest good will be the path you will follow to your ascension and I read some where that when your spiritual growth and ascension is the life of your intention, and not fear, then everything you need to ascend will be attracted into your ascension process. This is my perspective and I hope you feel some truism from my thoughts here.
Peace to you Brother!
And being possessed by something is an innerstanding that we might fear it and not understand it as truth for our own ascension, never let yourself be possessed by anything that is not of your innerstanding !
I think that the nature of spiritual bondage starts with consuming ones time so that we are not able to contemplate our own spirituality.
Then applying the burdens of societal stress greatly reduces the priority of spirituality in the minds of many people, which leads to perpetual misery of fear, stress and suffering.
I don't believe this could be divinely sanctioned by a benevolent or good entity/entities.
The catholic religion has a particularly insidious method of bondage - the sacramental seal or character.

From the catholic encyclopedia:
"Sacramental character means a special supernatural and ineffaceable mark, or seal, or distinction, impressed upon the soul by each of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy orders; and it is by reason of this ineffaceable mark that none of these three sacraments may be administered more than once to the same person. This is express Catholic doctrine declared both in the Council of Florence (Sess. ult., Decret. Eugenii IV, §5) and in the Council of Trent (Sess. VII, can. ix, and Sess. XXIII, cap. iv and can. iv).

If any one shall say that in three sacraments, viz. Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy orders, there is not a character impressed upon the soul, that is a certain spiritual and ineffaceable mark [signum] whence these sacraments cannot be iterated, let him be anathema (Concil. Trid. Sess. ult., can. vii).

The sacramental character, then, is not in itself a sanctifying gift; it is of a legal and official, rather than of a moral, nature. The sacramental character, as we have said, is ineffaceable from the soul. This means, not that the effacement of this spiritual mark is an absolute metaphysical impossibility, but that in the established order of Divine Providence there is no cause which can destroy it in this life--neither sin, nor degradation from the ecclesiastical state, nor apostasy. The sacramental character is compared by theologians to a military badge, or the insignia of an order of knighthood."
I am not attempting to explain anything, merely to point out what seems to be common knowledge amongst those who participate in the catholic sacraments. By common knowledge I mean that I did not have to search for the information. It is easily obtainable. I copied the information in my reply directly from the catholic encyclopedia at www.newadvent.org.

I do agree with your assessment, including your comment:

"Personally, the more I researched catholicism, the more evil I found to exist within their beliefs"

Tina is right on as usual : ).

Peace to you all.




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