I've been interested in Spirituality for a long time, almost all my life and being raised in a Catholic home it seemed pretty one sided with the way the church was making it all seem like.This seems like the right place to put something up here and I think you guys could truly understand this stuff. I could never truly connect to the religion and have been on the look out for something that I could feel inside; that's what or how I want my spiritual journey to look like. After many years, I have stumbled onto a book named: "Master and the Green Eyed Hope" and it basically set me free in a way you can only feel, not explain. Moments in the book I began to feel how I've never really felt before. I began to feel whole, with some sort of philosophy or ideas that I understood and could relate to. Unlike some of the religious prospectives' or even some of the new age stuff out there. [crazy] So i have decided that I want to recommend it to as many people as possible because when I read it, it changed my life and I became a completely new person. I read what world wide renowned experts said about the book and I agree with them, this book reads like an amazing adventure and ``This is at once a fun novel, a creative fiction, a scientific journey and a true life story``. A true Gem!! Here's a few links if you guys are interested:

Amazon Kindle Version

Smash Words

Authonomy where you can see what over 250 other people thought of the book as well as some of the book for free:

And the blog where you can find 3 chapters free:

I've read a lot of books on this subject or rather in broad broad subject and views on all kinds of spirituality and I have yet to find anything that has made such an impact on my life. I hope at least you guy can check it out!


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Thanks for posting!

This was a exceptional read and I must agree an absolute gem!

I look forward to reading the entire book soon.






It's revolutionary, as you begin to dig deeper you will see how much it really has to offer. The author also made a movie based on an idea in the book. The movie is really well made as well, but the book is just a string of excitement that you can't really get out of until you squeeze out the last word! Thank you for your feedback Miykael and i look forward to hearing how you like the rest of the book. Please let me know!!



I have started to read this on one of the links you gave......thank you so much......it is morish!



Your welcome Janet :) :)

You may be interested in a few things that are also on the blog, where there is talk about love, power... sex rock and roll! Lol Well almost all of those. It's a true gem and I'm glad to hear that people are enjoying it as much as I have and am!





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