I wanted to extend a site wide welcome to genius Daniel Winter who glided in to the Resistance yesterday to share his presence and offer assistance in clarifying a great deal of the knowledge in regards to not only DNA but also Implosion, Enochian, YHVH, and many of the great mysteries that permeate our world today.

I have personally followed Dan's work and have always been impressed with his connection and unsluggish strength in awakening the world and innerverse. I did make contact with Dan through his Resistance page and had an opportunity to ask to question that I felt was very important to get answered clear by one who is an Adept at such topics. I also wanted to have this forum post open for anyone wishing to build on what Daniel has presented since it is so expansive. Wholeness 

My first question was what exactly is YHVH? This was imperative for me to know because out of all of the active Beings/Energies on the dimension for better or for worse YHVH ranks in the top 5. 

Dan's response:

I put together my thoughts on the yalweh tradition here


My next question was about the theory that such Mantras form a cone in the chest area. I asked for a much deeper explanation.

Dan's response:

(2 imploding opposing pine cones- conjugate- become centripetal- mechanism

of body formation- (like the geometry of


I also asked Dan about this surging Kundalini energy I feel in my body that is growing stronger every full moon.

Dan's response

The notes from my Kundalini study - as Biophysics


I also asked about those possibly affiliated with the current Hierarchy and what their issue really is with humanity.

Dan's Response 

Some have confusion about how the DNA braid is ensouled. This is reflected in their "obey the hierarchy" mentality- vs - self empowerment which comes from - knowing HOW DNA braiding MAKES plasma fuse (soul): 


He did conclude with this statement in regards to Enochian.

(The real Enochian letter symmetry is hypercubic- dodec and implosive - superset of the double tetra/cube- shadow of the old draco (and israel) flag.

I wanted to thank Daniel again for coming forth and taking his time as very few these days seem to have the steam to keep spreading the higher knowledge to correct the situation here in our Universe. He is definitely not one of them as Dan has been all over the world these days. I also wanted to source these links so members have access to the data on Dan's site as such research is hard to come by. If there are any questions I'm more than sure if you place them in this post they will be attended to. Wholeness and Balance Vibration.  

Don't Know Daniel? Familiarize yourself.

Need more?

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I think it is great that dan has made contact.I have learned a great bit from readings at his site and this utube link of him has a good galactichttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WH3mvSstrQ&feature=relmfu history break down especially when you read the archons and gaia pdf that is on the resistance somewhere .anyway the sophia mythos is what im refering to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WH3mvSstrQ&feature=relmfu  .I saw al the others and thought i would post this.wholeness and heart coherence to all  

                   also     i second that question from Rani manicka "  Question though - how does the gnostic archons/inorganic beings figure in your explanation that we were ET engineered."

Wow! It is a pleasure to read the work of Daniel Winter whom I have followed for a few years. Being drawn to sacred geometry for many years, I can sincerely say that the work of one of the scientists active in shifting the paradigm has really helped shape my understanding. 

I find it extremely liberating to think that mathematics exist as an immutable law in the cosmos and though we may not have full comprehension, there exists balance and harmony and through the cycles of creation and destruction of the wave forms, not only matter but also mind exists to manifest our reality. 

There are literally hundreds of questions I'd like to ask but what I'd like to know is if there is sound logic under the vortice hypothesis that the Plasma Universe Theory may stand up to scrutiny in time? 

graet  news!


In advance to previewing...Thanks!

Wow! Ausome to see! Tremendous to have you united here Dan Winter!

Exciting! Thank You as always Sevan!

Wholeness All

if there was such a thing as a celebrity it would probably be dan winters. if only we could get his website layout to be implosive hah. seriously though get that thing too look cohesive so normal people can look at it without wanting to give up entirely on the idea of mathematics. otherwise your info is absolutely amzing and will most likely lead to revolutions in the free energy sciences AND in individual understandings of conscioussness implosion. dragon slayer winter I applaud you. plus you rock dat labcoat

I've looked at some of Dan's work and he seems legit. But i've also came across information per "The Cassiopaean Experiment" that really speaks of him in a negative light. I've always considered Laura and her Cassiopaean connections a reliable source especially since Sevan cosigned them, but now I'm conflicted.

resistance believes in Wholeness so no conflict

Does it speak of him or his work.

A Person - I can bad mouth or dislike anyone but if they then cure something or invent something amazing, why would I care, what possible logical sense would it make not to use the concept? Take the personality and even to an extent motivation out of research and just look at what works or makes sense in your life. - I have no idea what the article was or is you are speaking about, if its about the work itself, well then use what makes most sense in your own life from your own guidance/experience.

His work - Personally i've found a lot of his concepts and work invaluable, and even if down the line some of it didn't work for me at some point, the rest would have been far worth the time taken to get involved with the concepts he speaks about. Because he's teaching universal knowledge, as in something that is applicable and testable in many if not all areas of life.

Yea, I agree with you boss. I've learned tgat At the end of the day you just gotta discern things for yourself. But to answer your question she was referring to his work, paticularly his focus on bliss, saying it was disinformation.

Bliss isn't disinformation I can assure you from personal experience :D, though getting back to it, that's a tough one. If you ever reach that state, of getting a glimpse outside of egoic mind, or your frequency high enough, even for a second, there will never be any doubt in your own mind about bliss. Though there are a multitude of ways to reach it.



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