looking for information relevent to the above title ...any esoteric links would be much apreciated,,, including stuff on H and O or ouroboros

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a few other 8 symbols include the 8 spoke wheel of buddidtry i think ... there is the 8 spoked star of chaos ...and have you heard of ishtars star or the star of the black pool ...ishtar or the godess venus are one and the same .....the 8th gate of babylon was known as the lions gate (g8)or shtars gate ..the star gate ...

also the dome of the rock is an 8sided structure

i stumbled across this link with this bit of maths

Properties of the number 888


The Christ, the resurrection, the baptism.

Symbol of the Redemption.

By its composition, this number is considered as perfect.

It is the number of years of papacy that would cover the prophecy of saint Malachi according to Raoul Auclair: "The oracle spreading on 888 years would distinguish a week of 777 years and 111 years of a nocturnal octave where, in the triumphant Babylone, will bloom the Mystery of iniquity. Finally, the oracle having begun with the second period of 111 years, the Church, before the Kingdom would spread on a duration of 18 times 111 years. That can be written 666 + 666 + 666. That allows also to consider 17 periods 111 years until the arrival the Day of Yahweh".

The height of the key of vault of the cathedral of Troyes, is 88 feet and 8 inches.

In the sanctuaries of Islam, we find the octagon as geometrical figure which is a double square sacredness whose first layout gives a side of 88 feet and 8 inches


your the only reply ... thanxs ...i wonder why ?...cheers mick
they used 88 search lights in the 911 mega ritual light show ? any clues?

also the new tower has an inner spine not unlike the caduceus of mercury ?.. and 88 floors for human occupancy ...13 floors for the rest ?..total 101 ...or if you count the observation deck 102 ...1488 hmmm heard that b4 i think ?

cheers mick
Symbolically, the Dragon with its tail in its mouth represents the unenlightened soul bound to the cycle of reincarnation.
yeah i guess ..but this would be a hindu interpretation ?
.. the pattens i see seem to relate to sacred geometry ....temple building ..ressonance!
That would be one of the many exoteric versions of the symbol. Some of the esoteric, or Initiated meanings are as follows.

1.Everything you experience is inside your brain.
The head which you experience which has your brain inside it is being created as an experience inside your brain right now.
Your brain is creating this world of experience, all you can know about and this world it creates, includes your brain.
There is no outside!

2. Your mind is in the Dream(i.e. What the collective mind of man calls 'Reality'). Your consciousness peers through your individual mind and personality and the mind understands that the elements that comprise the mind:
thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. - are a part of the experiential world and are not consciousness itself.
The conscious needs the individual mind but is not the mind itself. The seeming disparity between the two- the Seer and the Knower- is resolved in the need for both to be together.
Hence the snake biting its tail.

There are deeper meanings to the above mentioned, but I am not going to go into it at this moment.

How did you come to the conclusion of sacred geometry? Temple building?
As far as resonance, it all deals with consciousness, so I guess I can see where you got that idea.

Also, about reality. It is our duty to realize that reality is not, in fact real. Everything you ever had or shall experience is a dream. Hence, that is why lucid dreaming is crucial to this process. Once the 'bridge' of these two so-called seperate realities has been blended, it shall lead to lucid waking.
All is a Dream. And anything is possible.
As I stated in another post, I shall write on this subject in more detail later.
temples, structures of a religous nature ...were built to include geometric pattens ..making them vessels i guess ...or conduits for channeling good resonance ..or karma ..and i must mention i dont like using those expressions ..
...i have had in intrest in the number 8 and its symbolism.... and from my limited research ...all roads leed to babylon ?
... i get the concept of lucid dreaming in waking life or consciousness....but i aint convinced i wont go hungry and die of starvation if i just rely on my dreaming ?


it seems to me ..that part of the game is your physical bodys needs ?
its ok to have a skull but its still gota be a living one ...?...YOU KNOW YOU STILL GOTA PLAY BY THE 3D PHISICAL RULES ?
i dunno if you have viewed any of the latest crop circles ..but they are all geometric spiritual type messages of late ...CHEERS MICK
Play by the rules till you realize you can break the rules.
That is where the path leads. That is all I am saying.
In a sense you defeat yourself before you begin.

"(Using the Force, Yoda effortlessly frees the X-Wing from the bog)
Luke: I don't, I don't believe it.
Yoda: That is why you fail. "

It may be a film, but know truer words can be said!

Until then, we play away!

Drug addicts are of no interest to me. Everyone's individual experience is validly real to them. Someone who is psychotic can see a table turn into a car, then into a monster, then a house. His experience to himself is real, but is no less a delusion.
the 8 link was ok .... my studys seem to keep leading back to sacred geometry ...babylon venus and ishtar ... sacred geometry was used in temple building ..and the 8 pattens i run across seem to be more temple building if you get my drift !..thanxs for the link cheers mick
There are many 40-year periods mentioned in the Bible. Forty years is a set of five 8-year Venus alignment periods, after which the planet realigns with the planet Mercury. As has already been mentioned, Mercury is an important second witness to many of these dates and has the same 8 holy days illustrated above during a 116-day cycle. It appears that many of the forty-year periods mentioned in scripture refer to Mercury/Venus alignments which coincide with Hebrew holy days
Venus Cycle equals 8 Earth years, plus 13 Venus orbits equals 21 plus Venus orbits, this therefore equals 5 Venus Earth conjunctions. 3 is the number of the Earth, Venus, Sun conjunction. The above numbers are 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. Those familiar with sacred geometry will recognize the Fibonacci sequence.

Earth orbits the Sun 8 times for every 13 orbits of Venus around the Sun. 8 Solar Earth years (365 days) = 5 synodic Venus episodes. 365 x 8 years = 2920. 29.5 (Full Moon Cycle) x 99 = 2920.

The Ancient Greeks had a calendar cycle of 8 years, each cycle was called an Octaeteris, and this was later divided into two 4 year cycles known as Olympiads. The reason for the Greeks 8-year calendar was that they observed that there were 99 Lunar Cycles to every 8 Earth Cycles and that Venus completed exactly 5 synodic cycles in the same 8 years. The 99/8 correlations allowed the Greeks to make a calendar of 5 years of 12 months and 3 years of 13 months; the 13 month years coming in the 3rd, 5th, and 8th years (note the Fibonacci ‘phi’ sequence again). The Greeks knew that the 5 Venus nodes made an irregular Pentagram shape in the sky as Venus stopped at each Zodiac sign at the time. There are therefore 99 Full Moons on Earth every 8 year Venus Cycle.

The ratio of 8 : 5 is “phi” (1- 0.618…). This is the golden proportion and is found in the Fibonacci numbers. 8 Earth years = 5 synodic Venus cycles.

Venus is a morning star for 266 days. Corn takes 266 days to grow.

Venus is an evening star for 266 days. Human gestation period is 266 days.



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