I've seen a growing approach of a 3D era, seems they are getting every single person accustomed to seeing that which is not real, a method to keep us asleep and controlled so that we will not wake up, into a deeper sleep to enter another reality. Why are people so fascinated with the idea of 3D, because of the promotion, i've heard a ton of people say they get headaches when they watch 3D movies, even some still buy tickets to 3D even though they complain about them, is there symbols they want us to focus on, or use subliminal symbols behind the "objects flying at you" is it another fear tactic to get us to run away from everything, and not react? i was just wondering, because my parents got a new 3D tv, and are now obsessed with it, my mom was one of those people who said it gave her a headache, yet now, she loves it, i can't stand them and i don't think i ever will, i know that it's a mind control technique and i will not support it


-just a thought now, 3D tv's could be lowering the vibrations of those who watch it, even further delaying our ascension to whatever dimension we chose to go to

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for the mind is that real what it has seen inside as a result of the programs inserted from the oputside. Now you put it together analyse, draw solution and voila you chave change your mind along the given program
Apparently these 3d glasses create a electric field of some type... Excuse my lack of technicality but basically my friend told me they use batteries and actually "hum" when they boot up. Sounds like a great way to bombard us yet again with electric signals to disorient us. !
yeah seems like those movies older about mind control that involved the headgear, and that we were all afriad of, is now what they are bringing into our homes, reminds me of Batman, the one with Jim Carrey as the Riddler, and he develops pretty much a 3D system where brainwaves are transmitted from the watcher's brain to the box, and from the box straight to the Riddler.
any tv set any program on it will lower the vibes, hipnotise you and reprogram all you knew prior to the program you wawtch now. Test it..get happy uplifted and enjoy lifew ..go and set tv on...your vibes will change immediately and you will just get down in vibes.
3D is there to mess with your nerves coasing trauma.



Check out this Article I found. 


The Nazis were the first to discover and develop 3d technology. 

Binaural beats works through brain entrainment.  There is a way to do the same thing with the eyes... If there were sinister people making the movies they "could" entrain the brain to make it even more hypnotic...


They wouldn't do that would they?


Television Mind Control on the Human Populace 1




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