This is a thought I've been having and I wanted to find what others thought about it-

Everyday there's going to be someone somewhere that's having an argument about something for some reason. It's always been said that are two sides to every problem. I've always believed that there were more sides to that story, which brings me to the 360 degrees perspective. This is basic sociology so I know that there are some that have heard about it. No matter what one person says the opposing side will always try to counter that. Then there's the third party to take into consideration and even a fourth or fifth party that has some view on it. But no matter who says or thinks what, the central point of the circle of viewpoints is the problem itself. If people were able to put themselves in the middle of the circle they'd have a better understanding of what the solution would be. They would then feel all of the eyes staring into them, trying to force a solution out while battling what they think is the wrong way to handle things. In fact, the only wrong way to handle any problem is to assume that only one type of solution would work. The real challenge is judging if the solution you pick will actually solve the problem while doing the least amount of damage to anything else. Lets face it, sacrifice is an inevitability. Someone will not be happy with the solution. It's the whole reason they were disagreeing in the first place. However maybe that one person isn't happy but everyone can't be pleased. If that were to happen then this world as we know it will be in chaos. Right cannot exist without wrong. Love cannot exist without hate. Justice cannot be served without a crime to punish. But by choosing the solution that does the least amount of damage then you have a better chance at inner peace as well as outter peace for those around you. Also by using a 360 degrees perspective you can increase your empathy for different types of people. Personality traits are endless, but by gaining this skill you are better equipped to dealing with many different people regardless of race, beliefs, gender, or affiliation. The real secret, which isn't actually a secret, is looking past your own feelings about something to make room in your mind for another's feelings. Most people, when having an argument are dead set on proving that they are right, which makes it extremely hard to change their viewpoint or make them understand yours. This is where putting yourself in their shoes comes in, however if the other cannot do the same then true empathy cannot occur. It's almost like a one sided telephone call, much like an automated message. You can hear it, it's talking to you, but it won't respond to anything you say and the biggest barrier you face when using the 360 degrees perspective is getting the others to take heed to your viewpoint. In order for this to happen you must work your way inside out. Understand them first then you will see what is stopping them from seeing your viewpoint as clearly as you see there's. Then once you identify the barrier that's stopping them from true empathy try to slowly erasing that barrier without totally throwing out their feelings so it that way it doesn't look like complete assimilation into your views. You must meet them half way. They must feel some individuality for it to be fair. And in truth, that's how rivals and even enemies become friends. Being able to empathize while still staying true to yourself is the mark of not only true empathy but true friends.

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yeah, i really enjoyed reading this post. I have always tried to be the mediator with my friends and family. I really enjoy when it works but felt so disappointed when the people I care about still don't get along. It is a tough process to understand and it took me a while to see their choice to disagree with one another as part of their freedom within their consciousness. I still have a hard time understanding certain people and their choices but whether I see it as their ignorance or maybe as their potential intuitive knowledge that I have yet to understand I have tried to respect their freedom as long as they are not harming others or themselves. 

Few care what you know till they know that you care. The epidemic of "being right" creates more friction then any actual

issue in opposition. People have disagreements based on their own experiences as they live life through their own minds & eyes which hold their collection of their life experiences which are unique to them...and then there is the public school system that indoctrinates the "system's" propaganda of the truth. We know this is not the truth however students are rewarded by scores on test & the good feeling they get by being good students..."being right". So the need for being right

is indoctrinated into  one's system at an early age. The division of right vs wrong creates a chasm that creates an argument over view points that are pointless which can be just about anything. 

Your answer is interesting but I don't quite get where you're coming from with this but is like to know more about it. I have understood the bit about the dducation systems brainwashing though.

Absolutely spot-on with your comments about being indoctrinated into "being right."

The shame children feel for not getting the right answer in class is abusive.

the way i started to see it is simply that all is self.

let me give an example.

imagine yourself as a 360 degree sphere. this sphere is all that is you as in mind body and consciousness. now, when some one or something around you is in conflict (toward others or toward you) it creates a small hole in your conscious sphere (or a big one). when your body is turn't on enough you can feel this.

now all that you really have to do is fill that hole in. because all in all, all is self. and all conflict outside is a reflection of conflict inside. could be mind body or soul. 

when you do that the conflict will no longer be inside of you and you wont need to put up a guard toward the other person.which effectively heals part of their sphere as well.  with an active body and chakra system, it should be easy to see this happen :)

i hope that helps.


This is precisely what the astrological natal chart, or zodiac dial is about

You are correct in most of what you say the Collective Entity is about the me generation people are only concerned about themselves and always want to be right , this is all about Ego and if you really know who you are , you can learn to agree to disagree you must OVERSTAND that the food that the general Public consumes it truly the problem it is a Chemical Labotomy , your H20 is tainted Fluoride go to any search engine and enter the Dangers of Fluoride . So have compassion for others and be diplomatic we don't always have to be right ! 

This reminds me of the parable about the elephant and the blind men.  Perhaps you already know it, but I'll retell it here. 

There were several blind men petting an elephant.  The first was touching his tail.  He said, "Elephants are long and skinny and hairless except for a tuft at the end."  The next man was touching a leg. "No!" he said, "Elephants are sturdy and round like a tree trunk.  Another man was touching the belly and said "Elephants are massive and round like a whale."  ANd another man, touching the ear claimed that "Elephants are long, thin, and flat." 

Of course none of the men were wrong, they just weren't complete.  So I like what you wrote here, and it is true about how difficult it can be for us to make space for, and to integrate, the perspectives of others when our person is so convinced that their limited perspective is "The" truth because it IS true....just not the whole truth.

When people learn to anchor in their Self center, this becomes much easier and then you open your life to so much excitement and fulfillment.....

Also, I like what Marie Adams wrote:
"Few care what you know till they know that you care."

That is true too.  If your vibe is elitist or disconnected, it doesn't matter what you have to share, many people will close to it just because they can sense your vibration.



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