That's what I'm talking about! Today is the full Moon and We hit 100 members strong. Put the ships in neutral, lets save some more humans. We are here for you!

By the way the Alliance track and Synthesizer Higher are playing when you come to the site this is 100% DNA RNA activation music brought to you from beyond the portal.

Also as you can see I bumped those nasty google ads with a little CSS. "Meet Illuminati", how dare them, how about smack the *&^%^ out of Illuminati, hmmmm that gives me an idea.

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What idea?
Pay to slap an Illuminati.
Haha, we should set up a booth at the county fair.

from the Sevan facebook page: "We oscillate our positions based on the most effective method of entry while simultaneously using all our interceders to penetrate various fields. After all, each consciousness while still plugged in to the Matrix resides on a specific part of the wavelength we call life. We are Human Bridges and in that effect we have gone beyond the gods." -Sevan #resistance2010 #astralquest 10,000 Members strong!

I have no words!... I got goosebumps just doing the math!... I salute you!



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