Goodday Resistance I wanted to take a minute to expand a bit  on the questions Sevan posed during the last show

  I encourage anyone who would like to share their own awakening experiences or what their going thru now lets get them posted here and build more with that said allow myself to Introduce myself :)

 My name is Jean, obvioulsly I go by Spirit Matter :) here at the good ol Resistance I was born out there over there Costa Rica and had to leave while as a baby "thats a whole other convo though" years later I made my way back to run into and join forces with none other than the chairman himself. I grew up "fast" in Miami Florida, fast forwarding a bit where I am is the constant pursuit the quest of wisdom of the mind, body, soul. I am a traveler I WILL continue treading the globe to meet all of you  " feel free to invite me to your towns, hoods, villages dont be surprised if I show up like Morgan Freeman in the last part of Shawshank Redemption haha"  its good to keep the humor it keeps one vibing high you know. The most pronouced thing in my journey at the moment is the dreams oh man is it the dreams my friends. So everynight is an adventure a story a drama a piece to the puzzle I havent gained complete control of lucidity but it do happen from time to time now for me my dreams and visions I rely on to provide direction on this path of life but what I wanna know now is How do we stay in control How do I know which is my Individual world and how do I bleed out to another shared one where are we exactly going how do we distinquish the various planes can I meet you there and how to we do it so we both wake up and know we were just there together most imortantly how can we use this knowledge to bring the highest good here I mean flying is fun but If we can change things here thru there how? Any Astral cartographers out there a map and manual would be nice?


         I have learned and unlearned much since my first awakening I will start with some of what I unlearned briefly, I unlearned that life wasnt about being a gangster making as much money as you could before you died and doing whatever you had to do to make it. It wasnt about having sex with as many women as you could It wasnt about being feared and all that macho BS that circulates in the mind when your young and crazy. I had experiences that pulled me out of this mindset but the most profound one to this day was when I came out of my body something happens to an Individual when you see yourself looking at yourself man I thought I killed myself I even said Oh No! You idiot you just killed yourself :(  previous to that I had already unlearned that one didnt just die but that was the certified stamp/confirmation for me thus began the quest to remember as the feeling of amnesia filled within my being. I learned so much including about myself since the first major downlaod and I always say I grew up fast to later realize I was a child, baby even, all the time used never paying attention in school to later study everything of value I could get my hands on. I learned to summon up energies and courage within myself a different courage not the reckless AHH!! I dont give an EFF I'll fight anyone in this room courage if you know what Im trying to say. I learned magic is not magic if you understand it  It is something that works It is when you will something into existence because of the sheer need of it, Not thru sigils, rituals and bringing forth dark forces if one is inclined to do so but what you will usually find they are high on demons and low on Miracles. Ive learned you should only offer prayers of thanks to the most high not praying to ask to be granted this or that a new car and money. Ive learned that you cant control nature but you can guide it and if one learns to understand it you know you can live with nature and have nature nurture you :) . I have learned much from my experiences my teachers, my brothers, sisters all of you guys here with us, and nature of course and it will be an ongoing quest dear friends.




Moving on If theres one thing I will change before I decide to go its this trash oh man this trash everywhere everywhere everywhere if it one thing that there is abundance of is trash. Low unemployment well Ill hire you to clean this up do you really need a reason why homie!?.

Now I have been in personal contact with a gentleman who is working on a project involving a very interesting solution where one of the uses of the byproduct of the trash after its gone thru the process is being used to build roads but that spans out to another convo and I dont yet feel comfortable discussing because Im still learning more about it.


          I read once It is easier to flush the toxins from the land, river and seas than it was to remove them from mankinds mind but if we could remove them from mans mind flushing the toxins from the Earth would be easy. Id be lying if that was the exact quote but its close enough and I know you feel me. I myself have done plenty volunteer work in the beaches of Costa Rica and can testify we picked bags and bags and bags of trash then we used alot of it to make artwork with kids :) so we can do this folks. Dont be discouraged by the pictures but it should give us incentive and light that fire! Not to mention there isnt only this to take care of we have the hunger situation Ive seen disgusting amounts of food being wasted yet we have people with none the good Earth is rich and can provide for all of us there should be no reason and we still have to deal with the lovely folks at Monsanto so there is much work to be done but also dont forget build up your foundations first if were to even begin to help others dear friends. YEE!  "BIRD SRCEECH SOUND EFFECT"

               Listen and I shall tell you about my kind haha what enriches my spirit I would have to say is when I can create the artwork I want to create when I create out of pure inspiration there is something that happens in the subconscious when you keep the conscious mind busy with a monotonous task. Hmm im not quite sure how to explain but it can be magical and empowering like you align/tune in to a channel and can receive a new thought, sometimes an answer to something thats been on your mind maybe someone here can relate but this is something I feel enriched thru. Contact me for custum work SarmientoArt its what I do!

     Love and compassion to me well I will begin with an incident that happened a few weeks ago back home in Miami Im driving down 27th Ave when suddenly the car in front of me busts a dude riding a bicycle of course the perpetrator fled the scene. As I see this i stop up on the curb throw the car in park without hesitation jump out grab the bike off the middle of the street launch it to the sidewalk in one throw and pull the guy to the grass area hes hurting and groaning my side my side so I held this strangers hand told him breath and be cool and waited till his friend or brother showed up to aid and call the ambulance it only hit me after I felt he felt some comfort Man i should get heck out of here I dont even have a license and shouldt be driving at all they thanked me and I was on my way an older version of myself wouldnt not gave a F**K  i think that qualifies as compassion. Love I shall say comes to me most when i sit back and ponder the commonalities we all share the bueaty in the races that are here present the white man/woman with their arts beautiful intense blue eyes and stunning blond hair, the brown man/woman and unconquered red man/woman with their pride and courage, the black man/woman with their skill, enduring strength, power the yellow man/woman with their sharp minds and magnificent martial arts and all the shades and mixes in between. Do we all not bleed red do we all not grief the same when loved ones pass do we all not feel the same pains in our belly when we hunger do we all not feel the same joy when we birth our young I feel this from the place in my heart/mind I credit this feeling love.



               Oh man as far as a message for the kids whoah thats a big one and Id be careful as to what Id say have to meditate more on that one a bit longer to leave a proper response.What I can say is that I love them these oh so cute tiny humans anyone whos ever seen me with the kids can testify to that and as long as Im here I will do as much as I can do to leave them a world better than how I found it leave them guidance. Think about your own lives and for long and how many times your body/ship has been being tossed around by the waves going in circles with no rudder it wouldnt be right to just go and let them figure it out on their own against all odds would no'? I leave it here sending wholeness and balanced vibrations to you all share your stories and may your light shine and permeate the darkness corners of the globe.


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Wooohooo, and a YEEEEEEE! wow, i have goosepumps... What a Guy! i love you brother... with all my heart... i will definitely share mine soon... you already know!

i saw a future NOW, when eye, thought i was born, that all that i am, would share a Grand song....

 Thank-you & the Most High, y/our tones, y/our notes, y/our vibrations...y/our Spirit matters :)


        Thanks for sharing Meta, absolutely its these experiences that happen to us as children that stick with us and everything we then come across that then later come to serve us at one point, the foot in the door that began the journey of understanding and study for you :) thanks again.

Thank you for sharing this Spirit! Your story is inspiring!

My "journey" started about 3-4 years ago when I was radically introduced into new subjects such as Eastern Religions and "Conspiracy Theories (or Conspiracy Fact when talking about 9/11)." Before that, I had always done what the government and the talking heads on TV told me to do and never got out of line. For about two years after that I started to wildly research all types of topics, mostly new religions (new to me), which has been an interest of mine since I was at least 10 or so.

Then in May of last year, I stumbled upon a little website called "", maybe some of you have heard about it ;).  I firstly read Sevan's book, and while I could identify very little with all of the information that was presented, it "resonated" with me. I started to look up more esoteric knowledge that I confess I wasn't ready to become privy to. So I took a step back and for the past year I have been working on the basics; chakras, color/aroma therapy, "healthy" water, different sound technologies, and kundalini, among other "New Age" and Old Eastern wisdom and knowledge. I have learned and transformed more in the last year and a couple weeks than I had in my previous 23 years of existence. And I thank each and everyone here at the Resistance for that.

However, there is still a ton more I need to work on and learn; some of my chakras are blocked, I don't meditate ANYWHERE near as often as I SHOULD, still eat garbage from time to time, I probably have more than a few ignorant assumptions, and still have way too many attachments. I would say that I am awake to the fact that I realize several truths on how I need to conduct my self and live my life, however, I need to do a better job of applying these truths in order to become, or get closer to being, enlightened. And i know that as long as we, the Resistance, are here, there is nothing we can't accomplish.

Again, thank you all!

No! thank you Light for sharing I appreciate it, look at what you have accomplished and learned thus far and just being aware of what you should and shouldnt be doing I think is a big thing in itself you know. Dont beat yourself up or be to hard on yourself with the things you still gotta work on we tighten up move on tomorrow is another day like KFive says "It's important to do things your way, that feels right to you. There is no wrong way to meditate, just better ways to do it.  I for instance can't sit straight due to back problems, so I lie flat on my back.  We all falter at times during our path to ascendSion, but don't feel guilty, just get up, learn and move on" 

I ate a piece of milk chocolate the other night I VERY rarely take in anything dairy but hey were  not perfect and its okay my spiritual world is not going to colappse down on me for it you just the next day Ill drink more water than usual and not make it a habit. I once heard about the Tibetan monk when he came to America when asked what he wanted to do he said he wanted to eat a Big Mac :) he transmutes. We all can relate we go thru it and thats why were here together

Wholeness and balance to all.  I have a similar story to Light Inside since finding the resistance.  Trying to find balance and learning a whole lot about anything that 'feels' right to learn about at that particular time. 

There are things we all share in choosing this path, things like being alienated, the lack of understanding, feeling frustrated, sadness, joy, loneliness, fulfillment, yet the desire is so strong we continue to march on through all this.

I too have changed a lot in the last few years, in particular it has been my diet.  I have detoxed/cleansed a number of times, I don't eat red meat, and I am currently weening myself off of all meat.  I juice, and stick to vege, organic if possible.

I LOVE to work out, backyard DIY styles, running and keeping fit.  I never would have thought that I would get into hiking, but it's a great excuse to learn and be one with Nature.

I had an OBE 15 years ago and it sparked an awareness in me that has not left to this day.  I felt like a "kook", "crazy dude" was a common response in articulating.

I was brought up to be a "MAN", as defined by the area where I grew up.  Men don't show feelings, we're tough and don't talk about that "hippy sh#t".  That is something I am spending a great deal of time with.  It's very hard to break through but there are definitely cracks appearing.  A great quote is "Feelings are the language of the soul".  I love that.

If things resonate within then it's probably something you should take notice of, whatever that may be.

I meditate, and have had some great results.  For example, I forgot the names of 3 of my crystals, but through meditation, each name appeared like loud and clear, visually.  Small things like that.

I am a musician so I have the opportunity to share through music, which I really am thankful for as it brings so much emotion/feeling out of the dark and into the light to be observed and contemplated on.

It's important to do things your way, that feels right to you. There is no wrong way to meditate, just better ways to do it.  I for instance can't sit straight due to back problems, so I lie flat on my back.  We all falter at times during our path to ascendSion, but don't feel guilty, just get up, learn and move on.

I am very very thankful I found this website and to be among like minded/compassionate/radiating spirits.

Wholeness to everyone and all things.

thank you for sharing your life story with us, I really felt connected about your message about the garbage and trash. That video about the electronics garbage depot in Ghana is insane! That sort of gets me really upset, and a few months ago I visited the trash depot of my city for the first time and it sort of sickened me. And I have to admit that I am also a part of the problem. Half of the stuff I own I don't even need and who knows where it goes after I throw it out. So I am trying to be a little more conscious of the long term effects of what I buy and what I think I need. 

And of couse, anytime you want to drop by Winnipeg, Canada, we will have some food and shelter  and good vibrations for you. 

Thank you For Sharing Your Story.....Heat And Spirit...Mr Spirit Matter........It really Touched me......Great Ideas And Vision As Well.........Beautiful........WBV........Namaste

MrSpiritMatters...thank you for sharing your journey and being an inspiration for others to share. You have such a cool vibe dude, cozmik!

Blessings brother.

Love x



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