I've been using MMS to heal, but I have not been able to exceed 8 drops without experiencing being nauseous and vomiting. The recommended dose for healing is 15 drops. What have others experienced in this regard?


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Well depending on your state of health, the actual maintenance dose is 6 drops twice a day which averages to really 12 drops a day. Now the 15 drops twice a day regimen is only for extreme cases of illness or dis-ease which often times leads to an increase of the actual number of drops from 30-60 drops again depending on the illness your treating. If you are experiencing a strong detox reaction beyond 8 drops perhaps your body needs time to adjust to get rid of the major bacterial, viral, mold, yeast ect.. agents which are in abundance in your system. Along with using MMS you should consider a healthy diet as a good accompaniment to your detox and plenty plenty of water! If your limit is 8 drops then stay on 8 until your body can withstand such a strong fortification of your immune system. From experience I would suggest ingesting some type Goji Berries after the nauseous feeling for it seems to relieve the symptoms for me when I feel too strong of a detox. Help this helps!! Also look at my post and download the MMS book for more info!!!
Thanks so much!!!!!!

When you reach a number of drops that make you nauseous, in your case 8 drop down to 7 drops for your next two doses then back up. Also cold apples help with nausea too.
Thank you, I greatly appreciate all of the help!!!!!

Ginseng also works also. I tried Ginseng for a week and I'm feeling the difference.



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