I come from a Bulgarian family. Everyone eats A LOT of meat.
Since I started taking MMS I feel sick to my stomach looking at meat. My parents think I'm not living healthy.
My family has always been well off so brands that do not rhyme with Hugo Boss, Armani, Versace, etc. are for cheap people or people that cannot afford them. I've started buying Gap and less expensive clothes because the expensive brands are not worth it to me as well as some of the cheaper brands are MORE comfortable than Boss...
I started taking Gotu Kolu for the reason 7 has suggested. Gotu Kola is an herb.
Lately lights have been bothering me so I took out 1 light-bulb off the chandelier in my room, there are now two left.
I try to get to bed before ten.

now let's compare to my older brother who is '88 and I am '90.

He eats mostly fast food. He works out, takes creatine, drinks protein shakes, has zero to no respect for me ever since I became "weird", lies to me and my parents, has a box of Tic Tac full of xanax and is constantly on it. There's more but this is enough for you to get the picture.

Just now my mom lashed out on me for the light-bulb that I took out because it's "dark as a graveyard" in the room. She told me that what I'm doing is not good for me and is hurting the family as well, taking those chemicals (MMS + Gotu Kola), bla bla bla. At the same time she told me "why can't you just be more like your brother? normal..."

What do I do? Thank You all in advance.

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Brother this is probably a little inappropriate - but this is funny. You should be a comedy writer

People do tend to think that when you begin to do something more 'NATURAL" that you are the weird one. This really gives away how much they have become conditioned by this striving for modernity.

Not much you can do i'm afraid except to remain calm and steadfast in your agenda. My advice would be not to let this difference of perception drive you further from your family, though this will inevitably happen in most circumstances, you should not cling to things, i,e ideas, products, concepts, that are more about accentuating your distinctions, just because.

Perhaps in the afternoon over some tea with your mother, just in the kitchen chillin, I would grab one of your brothers 'protein' shakes and take her through the ingredients, very calmly and relaxed, briefly explaining that you choose to use more natural products such as roots and herbal teas because you feel that your body and mind react better to them. Don't say to much beyond that, but every now and then perhaps make you mom one of your teas to help her relax, giving her an insight into your world will relax her about the things you are interested in.

She'll get used to your difference, mothers are very good at gauging their children, and though like most of our parents, she is conditioned, she at a very deep level wants the best for you and will come to understand how you seek to achieve that.

Don't stress out about it to much - it can all be a lesson and afford you wisdom if you choose it to.
Stay in your Cocoon you are making the metamorphosis. Its funny I can actually visualize a room with a huge chandelier with one bulb. :-) When one becomes peculiar they are on the right track and you can be sure that after awhile they will be coming to you for advice so prepare yourself to be able to give them good advice. Take lots of notes on what you learn and know that the knowledge you are ingesting now will be of the greatest value long after the fake lifestyle wears off of many and they are stripped of their idolon, or preconceived mental ideas of who they are. All of Us will be stripped and many for investing in their soul and not their demise will see the benefit. When all run one direction, go the other. At the fork in the road, go straight. 7
hi brother!!! i see myself in you a few years ago. and as always i solve my problems being technical. by that i mean when my family came with that stuff over me i said: Atherosclerosis affects only herbivoresand a veterinarian shut the case down and they shut up . Of course you can eat meat and all but it s a DEAD ROTTING THING so why should you . i said there are ufos around and they being chatolics said i was NUTS. but i happend to be contacted and have footage and pictures to prove so they shut up again and now they are afraid to ask if they are the right ones as i can come up with an answer!! about the light. The electromagnetic spectrum is enormous, with waves the size of thousands of miles long to smaller than an atom. Visible light exists in a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and ultraviolet. The colors within the visible spectrum from lowest to highest amplitude are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. One color blends into the next. White light can be made up of infinite combinations of wavelengths the across the visible spectrum. The simplest would be red, green, and blue, so is not pure at all, but a joint venture . In most traditional CMYK print oriented programs, the default black color is the so called pure black (or solid black), composed of 0% of CMY inks, and a 100% K.

Nevertheless, if we choose the HTML #000000 black color code, we are choosing a rich black color (also called jet black, or even superblack). This rich black color is an ink combination of the following ink percents:

•Cyan: 86%
•Magenta: 85%
•Yellow: 79%
•Black: 100% :) so black is pure as no color can :) and helps improve dimensional sight ( UVL< IRL) . Stay calm and never stop believing in yourself as long you are tunned to the frequency of love ( 528Hz) love and light :)
528 Hz all the way you will speak to everything night and day. The heart chakra is the facility of communication not the throat which is for manifestation.
Thank You All for your time and energy. Today everyone is back to normal for some reason. I guess last night was an intense night.



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