Not sure where this post should go, but...
My question is, can someone break down the origin and etamology of the word Amen. 
Its use and meaning has recently become an issue for me lately, not sure why. 

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I believe you can find your answer in 'The Code to the Matrix'

Kai your energy and wisdom shines with such force. You will really like the next show.
Thanx Kai and everyone else. Your insight has been very helpful and quite a tasty morsel of food for thought

the root of the word was African, derived from a pre-dynastic Egyptian culture found in the Sudan.


Although the word Amen can be found in numerous references throughout the bible (amongst other religious texts), it is the following reference which I find interesting:-
(The King James version) Revelation 3:14

“And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;”

Jesus Christ calls Himself the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness… therefore, can the translation of Amen be “so be it” or in fact any phrase purely of assertion or approval? 
This excerpt seems to imply that Amen is an identity or state of mind rather than an assertion.
This could make sense if you accept that perhaps, both the history and true meaning of “Amen” have been deliberately hidden to ensure the (covert) perpetuation of an ancient Egyptian (or perhaps an African civilisation preceding the Egyptians)


Amen (or Amun) was an ancient Egyptian god (originally associated with the ancient city of Thebes) – the origin and detail of the initial origin of the God remains unknown – but the name Amen means “hidden one”, “the breath of life”…”creator of the human soul.”

Ra, the Egyptian sun god and Amen were assimilated together – Amen Ra became the focus of a complex theological system popular throughout the Egyptian kingdom for thousands of years.
Amen “Lord of truth, father of the Gods, maker of men, creator of all animals, Lord of things that are, creator of the staff of life.”


Amen Ra was the king of Gods, other Gods were simply manifestations of him. Temples and statues were erected in his honour…A God for the common man, he would defend those who were weak from those who were strong, and uphold justice for all.

The all encompassing worship of Amen-Ra was relatively unchallenged until Pharaoh Akenhaten came to power, he spent his life demanding the worship of the sun (the sun disc Aten) forsaking Amun-Ra. He defaced the statues, pulled down temples and took away the power of the priests of Amun.

Upon the death of Akenhaten, the priests revived Amun-Ra worship, even persuading Akenhaten’s son to change his name from Tutankhaten, meaning “the living image of Aten” to Tutankhamun “the living image of Amun”.

“Who hears the prayer, who comes at the cry of the poor and distressed…Beware of him! Repeat him to son and daughter, to great and small; relate him to generations of generations who have not yet come into being; relate him to fishes in the deep, to birds in heaven; repeat him to him who does not know him and to him who knows him…Though it may be that the servant is normal in doing wrong, yet the Lord is normal in being merciful. The Lord of Thebes does not spend an entire day angry. As for his anger – in the completion of a moment there is no remnant..As thy ka endures! thou wilt be merciful!”


Ka referenced in the above passage, is the life-force, spirit or soul of a person – that which makes us unique (often represented in Egyptian hieroglyphics as a double image – two people representing the physical and spiritual forms)

Greek mythology incorporated the God Amen within the identity of Zeus or Jupiter.

Is it a coincidence, or are we inadvertently worshipping, acknowledging and uttering our spiritual promises to an ancient, mysterious God?


I'll apphend my earlier question with this additon:
in regards to the origins and etymology of the word mammon.

The Bible scripture goes thus, "Thou cannot serve both God and Mammon" and in many cases people associate Mammon with money or the material God,however, as with just about all things in the Bible there is a much deeper meaning.


Etymology lends us the term MA or MAM is the word for mother MAAT, MATTER, or nourishment hence the term Mammary Gland. Let us not forget or Mother contains a great deal of our memory. ON simply means a god energy or light. So in this tense it is once again those from the darker side of the Solar Cult making a proclimation that all those who worship the god of the Bible cannot serve the Goddess, Nature, and the "MAGAN" rites. Instead they are to believe in the Solar masculine Deity alone hence the term "PAGAN".


In my studies I have discovered you will need a balanced innerstanding of both in order to triumph.





MA vs PA



There are many AMENs (names)( ie Aramaic=amen=sealed in faith, trust, and truth.) Amon, Amun, Amein, (these also have tonal significance) ...When taken back far enough, this seems to be the root, as stated above: "MA vs PA".  The two principles energies of duality.."form". ma and el, magnetic electric, yin yang..etc.

METU NETER Vol. 1, Pg. 212 

Amen means “concealed”. It is the Kamitic counterpart of the term “Subjective” as we have used it in this book [Metu Neter Vol. 1]. It corresponds to the essential nature of the Supreme Being, which is the same as the essence of Man’s being. It is our unmanifested, unmanifestable, unconditioned Self – That which is the ultimate source of life and consciousness. It is the unseen and unseeable that looks out into the Objective Realm of spirits, thoughts, feelings, and physical phenomena. We must return our focus of consciousness back to it by the cessation of all thought activity. Once we have established this innermost point as our place of being – i.e., living beyond emotional influences – we will attain to the state of Hetep. This is a state in which we are able to fully ignore all emotions that may rise into our awareness, and thus attain to a peace that cannot be disturbed by any challenge in life. In the Hindu tradition it is called Parabrahm Sarvikalpa Nirvana. This state of inner peace is the prime foundation for the functioning of the healing functions of the life-force (Ra), and is the source of all spiritual power. 

"Zero corresponds to the Amen aspect of God. The Christians end their prayers with Amen, an African word. Every time those Christians pray, they invoke that African word, "Amen". It's the name of an Egyptian "deity". Ask a Christian, "What is the meaning of the word Amen?" They say, "So be it." Not so! If you go deeply into biblical scholarship, you will find that no biblical scholar says that Amen means "So be it." They say, "Truthfully speaking, we don't know." Amen, in the Egyptian language means concealed - that which cannot be perceived. And what is but cannot be perceived is energy and matter that has not been shaped, nor structured, nor defined, nor finitized into a thing or an event. Wherever there is absence of structure, there is infinite, boundless energy/matter and consciousness, but no perceptible reality. Reality is there, but in an imperceptible state, because you can only perceive that which has structure, which has been finitized, given form. So, Amen corresponds to that original state of energy/matter and consciousness out of which everything that is, was, and shall be comes out of, and shall return."
the "unseen"

I have been looking into the aspect of the 'Legal Person' or Leagle / L'ego'L Persun that is the 'NAME' that derives from the Birth Certificate.  I just know that there is rituals and spells that are based around the flesh and blood 'Man' linking himself to the Legal fiction entity called a 'Person/Per-Sun.


In effect, the 'Pay-rents' 'Inform' on the berth of their new Ba-buy by providing a NAME (AMEN) to the Registrar or Regis-to-Ra (Regis meaning Crown or Cronus).


The Government have stated that they do not register Babies only the 'historical event' which was named by the 'Pay-rents'.  In other words they insist they do not register people at berth.  I'm not convinced but this is their party line.  Maybe they only do register the 'NAME' which hides the real meaning of this ritual which is the creation of a 'shell company' by way of this registration process, a core-operation.


The 'NAME' provided is then 'registered' and results in the Leagle NAME or more like the 'Hidden Name' (AMEN) as there is no formal connection with that registration with the body of the child.  This association only develops in time (tie-me) where the child starts using the 'Legal Name' as if it was their own.  However, the 'Legal Name' has been registered by the Crown/State and is therefore their proper-tie.


This means that when the child uses the 'Legal Name' they are in fact trespassing on State property but this is never actually disclosed.  Instead, they invoke Mary-time Law which declares everyone guilty until proven innocent and by way of association of claiming that 'Legal Name' as your own you in fact become property of the primary holder of the Legal Name (a Slave to the State). However as the 'Legal Name' was registered into a 'Trust' Core-operation then there is no requirement in law for any disclosure to the Man/Woman.


Therefore, once you claim the 'NAME' (AMEN) as your own you become a 'Per-Sun' 'Legal Fiction entity that is considered 'Dead'.  A Citizen, Hue-Man Being (Colour of Man).


Therefore the word AMEN being an anagram of NAME fits in very well with this ritual process they conduct to trap the Man/Woman into thinking they are a 'NAME' or the NAME.


It is also interesting to note that when registering the Baby the 'Registrar' re-chords a Forename and a SUR-name (SUR AMEN) or Serpent Name.  The first name being asked for as the 'FORNAME' or '4 Name' or 'Square Name'.


Just some added thoughts about the NAME (AMEN) and how it is used to enslave Man.




Interesting...I've never heard of the term Magan before.  Did some research and found this.  Haven't read it thoroughly myself but will read later this evening.  Thanks for this post becaise I was wondering about Amen myself.  I've heard of the Amen preisthood before but no one seems to talk much about it.



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