Hi, i would like to ask if anybody has any information about 23rd September 2015?

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Did a little research and I read that an asteroid is supposed to hit earth that day, or that it will be the rapture. Seems almost laughable at this point seeing that december 21, 2012 occurred as well as Y2K and 6/6/06 and we're all still here. I think it would be more beneficial to focus on your positivity and expansion than waste time on doom and gloom prophecies.


That's what I'm talking about.

Wholeness Peter, thank you for your reply! I don't normally believe this kind of things either but i have reasons to believe this might be true... December 21, 2012 it was all about scaring people into the end of the world but it was a different kind of end... as of the other dates there might have been fuss about it due to the numbers etc but nothing ever happened in the world as its happening now.. People all over the world see fireballs in the sky as well as i saw one, the dust worldwide, the millions of dead fish, as well as other fish come out of the water in masses for no reason... In USA they are getting ready for something for sure since they closed 6 Walmart stores without notice for 6 months due to "plumbing" issues. The prime minister of France clearly said on May 13th 2014 that "we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos" which falls on September 24th.. As well as the sinkholes opening in the roads, the winds etc.. Also what caught my attention was Madonna's new videoclip "Ghost town" as well as other songs. If someone were to deliver a message she would be perfect for the job. Its also the way i feel its not that i focus on this kind of things but its like i know i'm done here and then I saw what is happening in the world and it clicked. Plus for the New World Order to begin they need chaos in the world.

I just watched the ghost town music video and it reminds me of something like the Fallout video game series, just a desolate world with no life or abundance which I don't believe earth is all about. I live in Hawaii and it's hard to imagine anything of epic massive destructive proportions touching the incredible beauty and diversity of life that is here. We will definitely keep an eye on the date, who knows maybe something will happen but nothing is written in stone, we have the power to change fate so let's do it and focus on creating a more perfected harmonic world. 


:) Wholeness 

i sit around sometimes just waiting for this type to pop up. i still feel ambiguous on the subject. what little i did read makes points but i really dont know it enough to be sure. ive known of many things waiting for a cataclysm. one was to occur in my lifetime.  and before the age of 40. or that i was to have not aged well beyond it. i was to be prime at the time of said cataclysm. mentally im prime. its the part that matters, but not degraded by natural factors.

as much as i wish the cataclysm would happen its always my attention that what is the next apocolypse theory who starts it. when and why? for some time weve been in end times conditions. the world has been gaining momentum yes but man looks to control it. the weather if any indication as to be considered as threatening is because we havnt had natural weather for quite some time. i know. there is too much energy and parts are too little. man decided to create every possible nook and crannie for collapsing the existing system. they are by definition darkness but they serve the greatest of darkness, causing irregularity in many lives. ive been getting firsthand experience with handling and being broken down by that darkness. 

its tough but ive prepared for the worst. its all biding time. i dont see a hoax but i feel it always to be untrue to pick any time as the last day. while i say we are in end times its corrupted jedgements. the darkness always perverts truths so far so that you may never know what was ever true. god taught me well in the spiritual ways and gave me control over forces that the darkness cringes when met with it. they're the fearmongers. blame the darkness. everything serves some agenda serving a master plan thought out in ways no person could fathom. i dont think man could have calculated every possible factor. but there are some beings who hide in light showing not their dark cores. if it is not human its not light whatsoever and then the perverted unnatural entities born of darkness and man. those are nigh impossible to trust yet many do. i rarely trust anyone because of this. they hide amonst us control us and corrupt us. many people here have made friends with them. i can tell. ascending vibrationally you meet these creatures as peolpe who say they will help show you peace. entities with black eyes and slit pupils. the darkness born of them, the darkness they themselves are. this peace weakens the resolve of us making us lss us and more them. the more we step this path forward the closer they are to finding a vessel. in the end they just had other motives. beings of darkness hide in light and its a false light. a true peaceful being would see the darkness within these entities. 

when im like this i tap into one force a special force that compells honesty and truth, a state no other could produce without true peace. i hold my own because i dont see in illusions. i am merely here warning people that many will die especially those trusting alien beings. the intel i have places a great degree of death in those who take a fake rapture. the intel is solid. aliens will kill people who go with them. ive seen it happen a few times. i know many times what they do. i dont think about it but the deaths keep rising the, souls being claimed to darkness. that same darkness tends to cut my throat and ruin my reputation. truth is a powerful state of mental clarity. it is a special vibration l level beyond the confines of thinking. its like being in constant access with memories and spiritual data of the universe. its the closest point to the all knowiing databanks of heavens library. yet i have a time limit for how long my brain can function under sch vibrations as to not abuse the access. in the end it provides information autonomously about topics on hand. yet i know not anything and cannot derive anything as breaking the autonomy crushes the vibrations. im given only what is required. as always though this is just one state there are 2 others locked away. truth is by day. 

im in a state of peace right now unconnected to my consciousness. its only meant to be a point. now as i said, trust only humans in the end times. anything else hybrid or otherwise, is a risk dont let anything take you anywhere unless your willing to wager your life. as if you do go somewhere you may end up losing it. as for rapture its a sure bet it will happen but i hope it is before the cataclysm and not after or millions of souls will have lost the battle. there is still a point of preparation before the second coming. rapture was meant to save people from tragedy  however it could be interpreted on either sides of cataclysm. im going to bet thogh that the nee or preparation also is on both sides. i have dreams where my power comes forth and lays waste to darkness. that is training. but unshackeled training could still occur post rapture. so there is no way to define the when or the why. itll just happen your either prepared or suprised.

i dont really care much anymore my head is going to hurt if i keep this up much longer. its a time penalty. so hopefully ive moved people to listen. or perhaps ill be forgotten. time will tell.

I agree ,we spend so much time trying to save our lives an in focusing only on that we lose sight of growing our soul. Theres gonna always be scare tactics ,,lies an some truth however never lose sight of the fact that certain things are allowed to push the soul into greater evolution (lets focus on the soul an our journey home.



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