Crystal Clear ! The geometry of touching all.
"This animation presents the geometry that is the basis of many of Buckminster Fuller's key ideas and concepts. At the beginning, twelve spheres are packed as closely as possible around a single central sphere. As the spheres shrink and disappear, they generate a polyhedron in which all edges and all radii are of equal length. This shape is what Fuller called a vector equilibrium. One of the characteristics of a vector equilibrium is its ability to contract by folding in on itself. The animation demonstrates how this simple geometric shape can be transformed to create several complex polyhedra. Next, it produces a different version of a vector equilibrium that Fuller called tensegrity‚ short for a stable structure of tensional integrity. In the last part of the animation, a map of the entire globe is transferred onto the vector equilibrium, which unfolds to produce a flat map of the earth made from six squares and eight triangles." more at linkh -note from Dan -prelude to HOW- Earth Grid Fractality IS the solution to .. Global Warming.. and Magnetosphere..
This is the vector geometry on which many 12 around 1 metaphors are based. Including this famous painting:


Waves crystallize into mass


Salvador Dali knew about geometry!

Other renaissance artists were aware of geometric keys to the divine
The language of God is mathematical language of numbers, proportions and (sacred) geometry.
“As Above, So Below” – these words circulate throughout occult and magical circles, and they come from Hermetic texts. The concept was first laid out in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, in the words “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing”
The entire Universe (including our solar system, as well as atoms, DNA and life-forms) reveals the secrets of balance, rhythm, proportion and unity in diversity, the fractal  interconnection of parts with each other and the whole. This harmony is expressed by some “key” numbers: Fibonacci Series, Phi, Pi and “e”.

 And for the electric universe people:
Silicene is the cosmic superstructural fractal equivalent of graphene (Graphene EM Fractal Cosmology)  Single atomic hexagonal planes of silicon atoms are in a corrugated honeycomb structure that mimics the electrical conductivity properties of graphene, the best conductor of electricity known.
Silicon forms concentric rings inside the cores of dying red giant stars, and cosmic silicate dusts in molecular clouds helps form new stars.


People are considered biocrystals because of the aqueous silicon in all their cells!!!


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Here is a good video on the geometry of Implosion and Magnetism:


As is stated in the video regarding order and increased energy, more order / more energy.

Energy = angular momentum. It is all about spin and the structures which can be found inside a spinning vortex.

Thought forms crystal templates:

Maybe, emotions do as well? Coherent emotion = love?

The image above is from Jain's new book about right brained mathematics:

To view and order the book on line, click on:

Hi Mike!

We study geometry as it is both a left and right brained subject. A circle is a circle regardless of whether it is really small or really big. Pattern recognition within geometry is a right brained operation. Even Leonardo da Vinci used flash image cards to stimulate his creativity! Other Renaissance artists always used charcoal on the walls to layout proportions before they painted their divine scenes. Geometry was the key subject that caused the Renaissance ( Nicholas de Cusa taught it )

I know we study the geometric connection between number and art so that we develop a sense of harmony with nature. "Nature" comes from Egyptian "neter" and there are 13 qualities of the neters:


1. Ptah

2. Ra-Amen

3. Thoth

4. Seker
5. Osiris

6. Isis with Horus

7. Nephtys

8. Hathor

The Gods with their attributes;

9. Ra/Falcon

10. Horus/Falcon

11. Seth/Sinai Ass

12. Thoth/Ibis

13. Hathor/Cow


I sympathize with your feelings about geometry and implosion. I had to make up my own list of word definitions wrt Dan's work. I still have to revert back to it when I come across terms like, "Charge" or "phase conjugate" or "Recursion" and especially "Fractal".

I communicate with everyone using the same 500 word vocabulary. This allows me to speak with children the same way I talk to seniors or professional experts. Professionals really like to use jargon, filled with acronyms - especially electrical engineers and medical specialists.

I really enjoy Dan's animations! The language he uses is difficult to absorb though. It takes 13 words to write a complete thought according David-Wynn: Miller, a language educator I studied with before getting into Stan Tenen's work on Hebrew that Dan ellaborated on in his Implosion studies. Miller has a website:  but he doesn't lecture very often anymore. David has an interesting story himself. He's a walk in that was dead for nine minutes.

I have not kept up with the Resistance2010 website to feel comfortable with the changes. This has happened to me before on other forums. I guess I am an old fuddy duddy! I am having difficulty maintaining an existence here due to the Kali yuga changes going on around me, which are accurately described here:

especially when nanobiology is taking us into transhumanism:  the Sophia Smallstorm

lecture on metabiology and super human frequencies we are going to have to access with our intention to survive in a future world of technological slavery.

Grayham Forscutt is showing us the what:

Your questions about the purpose of studying geometry, to me, is equal to asking "How?".

I sympathize with the right brain dominant, dyslexic child in the movie "Like Stars on Earth":

I just want to go home!

Where do you go if nobody wants you?

Into my own heart?


Take care Mike, I'll have you with me in my heart for the Venus Transit!






If you watch the videos here:

the awareness of geometry and light bodies becomes clear.

Hi Darren,

Just wanted to reach out and say I hear you loud and clear about wanting to go home, I always set the intention before I sleep to head home for vital recharge.... even though my conscious mind does not recall I know it is so when I awaken....

Thanks again for your sharing - you are an absolute treasure and I always keep an eye out for your posts when I am drawn to the site....

Be well and sending heartfelt gratitude energy hugs to you!!

Smiles P



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