When I was young - between 9 and 11, I'd say - I had this crazy dream... It was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had, still to this day I remember it crystal clear. I ask for assistance in two areas - one being an interpretation of my dream, especially in relation to the alignment coming into place, and returning to a mentality in which I can remember my dreams again. I appreciate any and all input very much.

The dream:
  I'm in the rafters of a red barn, about four blocks north from where I live[d] (in this reality). There is nothing but hay strewn about below, a few partially degraded bales. I'm playing with some dolls or toys with my cousins (children and adults I grew up with, visiting every summer), when three men dressed in military garb enter. Two lower ranking officials enter through the large, square entrance to the south and the third, the highest ranking officer, enters through the north large, square entrance. The ranking officer tells the other two officials that my father is #1 enemy of the state and must be tracked down at all costs (I grew up listening to my dad talk about 'conspiracy theories' and the darker truths behind our government, so I can connect that with this theme involving the military. My dad was also in many political battles with local city judges around this time and that conflict was something expressed to me, so that may also play a contributing part to this theme. Just my thoughts). The ranking officer exits the way he entered and the other two officials start walking north and leave my view, which had been watching this exchange through a small, square hole in the rafter. I know the officials are coming to find me, so I quickly explain to my family members not to ask me any questions, just to take 'this rope' and leave the rafters by swinging through the square hole, down to the pile of hay on the ground and run, which they begin doing. I turn around and run down an angled ladder (heading North) onto a small, square platform about 3.5-4ft off the ground with no walls, but a thin, worn down, wooden door and frame. By the time I'm on this plat form there is one official in front of me (about to open the door) and one to my left, who could easily jump up to the platform, but doesn't for some reason. I get to the door (I had the intention of locking it, as if this would keep me safe) just in time to see it opened, the first official standing on the ground facing me at the end of another small ladder. He begins to 'grill' me in a short and abrupt tone, asking me where my dad is, telling me he is the #1 enemy of the state and if I don't tell them where he is, they're going to arrest me. I refuse to give them any information, simply saying, "I don't know where he is!", then they leave with intention to return. I run down the smaller ladder, now on the floor of the barn, facing north west and my dad steps into the north facing barn entrance, smiling at me with the most peaceful, graceful smile (one I do not ever recall being on my dad's face, but it might have been one he looked at me with when I was an infant... not sure. This smile gave me a feeling of calm, with underlying unease). I walk toward him telling him these military officials were just looking for him and they were going to arrest him, but he didn't say anything, just smiled at me and raised his left hand to point out side of the north entrance. I walk past him (and from here on he has disappeared for all my brain knows), looking up,  onto a street running through an enormous apartment complex (which does exist in this reality four blocks away from me - just not the barn). It's night time, and I'm looking at the stars, when suddenly from the West came a very bright, tailed celestial body, which was conveyed to me in this dream as being Earth. It passed a few planets and "melted" or "faded" into 'Earth's place', with Venus and Mercury directly in front and the other planets lined up directly behind Earth. I did not see the Sun, however, in this alignment. At this point, I felt this huge, pounding surge of energy in my chest, like I wasn't breathing, though I did not feel suffocated. I looked down and saw down this road people coming out of their apartments pointing up at the sky. Some where screaming and falling to the ground, while others were running around in a frenzy, and some just stood frozen in awe. Then a thought was conveyed to me (my young mind)... this was the end of the world.

About two or three months ago I was battling with myself over loyalties to other beings and was becoming very drained and almost perpetually exhausted ( I thought it was due to these impressive energies attempting to force me into a box, however, I still continue to be perpetually tired ). I wanted to stop dreaming because I thought I might get some peace and much craved mental/emotional rest. As had been my entire life up until that point, I would dream every night and remember at least most of all the dreams I had in photographic detail. It took me a week or two, but I finally WILLED myself not to (at least) remember my dreams and had one night of total darkness while I 'slept'. The following six days I would see, maybe, a flicker of an image when I woke up from a night's rest, but all I could recall after being awake for a few seconds, was blackness. Through this week, I realized the mistake I had made and how I wasn't feeling any more rested and attempted to will myself back to remembering my dreams. I've been struggling with this every day since and only in the last two weeks have I been able to remember a small portion of one dream I had. I do not know what to do to return to the ease I had of recalling my dreams, aside from attempting to will myself ... to do it again. Any advice will not go unheard. Thank you, in advance.

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How does that work? Should I get a piece just enough to cover my pillow, or my entire body?

I read your dream. Very interesting and detailed. No doubt, u have all the details of this dream implanted in your mind..I can see why you seek answers. I very much recommend for you something that will enhance your lost dream recall ability. As for this you will have to learn how to Dream Lucid.....

Ive had a couple vivid dreams over my lifetime that have stuck with me as well. One was a reoccurring nightmare from childhood, that manifested into reality in the sense that I was becoming injured in the dream which leaked into reality..This was some scary sh*t for me. So I had to find a way to stop the reoccurring dreams that bothered me. It was hopeless for years, and getting injured in a dream, then waking up with injuries I didnt have before I went to sleep, was "enough". This was a red flag for me to find a way, at least a way to stop that from happening. Well..It wasn't for at least
5 years til I regained knowledge of my higher self, spirituality, and all we are seeking today. Within that aspect, I was introduced/led to Dreaming Lucid.
I will send u a document on the how's.

The Other Dream....
The other dream was me standing in the middle of the street facing west on a street I used to live on as around 12yrs old. I was standing there looking at this enormous planet in the sky, I mean the size of the celestial body was overwhelming. It looked like it was going to bump into our atmosphere or something. I was astounded. I just stood there in amazement. To give you a PERFECT example of what I experienced in that dream. You've probably seen Avatar (the movie) by now...Remember the so-called "moon" sitting right over their sky, like it was sitting on top of their planet? Well, thats exactly what I saw in the dream...When I saw that scene in the movie, I felt like it was taken from my mind in some way...I felt like I could relate to that image, totally. Anyhow, nothing else of that particular dream has happened except, it has never left my mind to this day...Years have past..Believe me, and I dont know why. But somehow there was some kind of significance to the dream itself, still yet, I havent a single clue as to what it was trying to tell me.....NO ONE has ever been able to relate to the two dream I have just told you about...

I figured we have a sense of parallel, is why I wrote this...Plus, the music was cool to listen to while (Continues to play on another tab) while I wrote this to you, Beth..



ps..Shoot me an email..Ill hook u up on a doc u should read.
Well, there does seem to be some kind synchronicity here, with the celestial bodies and a theme of urgency or doom, at least on the surface. It could be an effect of many things from the energetic consciousness that surrounds us, to an inner knowing of a future to come. I know I've heard of aliens coming to save the human race in ships designed as celestial planets, and my dreams involving space ships and aliens of all shapes, sizes, and colors have become more frequent in the last five years. The moon, I have read, is product of the Orion empire, or the female dominated reptilian 'extraterrestrial' race, designed to affix one's 'etheric/spirit/astral' selves into the 'CROSS' or the physical body we call the society 'human race'. When the moon is full, our etheric energy is enlarged to fill a larger area of space, that being our energy is stretched to a point that makes us uncomfortable and still more receptive to the magnetic pull/pole of the moon. When the moon is new, our etheric energy is in a more normal space of expressiveness/expansion...
In any case, I have felt, for almost my entire life this time around, I would see/participate/experience an event so astounding it would bring me to a new view of existence and perpetuation and that idea has been comforting and exciting. Thank you for responding, I must end this abruptly, but I will add more later.
I read someplace that the moon is not a satellite of earth. Its said to be put there, by who youve mentioned. The moon has also been deemed hollow inside. NASA has pinged the moon to determine this fact. Based on other studies it doesnt have the right satellite attributes to qualify as such. Its more or so said to be like a Space station or hub, being used for other purposes that involve us. Some say abductees are taken there for research studies, and brought back all within an hours linear time frame. Also, the dark side of the moon is where all the magic happens. My cousin and I discussed this the other day. He mentioned that all the other moons around other planets rotate. Our moon does not for some reason. Its controlled to stay put without a spin. Thats why the dark side never reveals itself to us. It has stuff on it, we would all see, clearly.

I found an interesting site recently, that tends to have heavy explanation on these topics.

I read an excerpt from 'Masquerade of Angels' that explained some instance about soul containment or the processing/managing of souls by greys...Over the last couple of years I keep hearing this thing about soul containment by an agenda of aliens running that protocol. And a mention of Soul Harvest to come. A lot to learn from this, it really puts a spin on perception cause we were never taught these ideas of what could be happening right now..

Another good piece of info gets deep into Harvest. Its called 'Hidden Hand'
http://www.illuminati-news.com/00363.html (Download PDF)
Dialogue with a being who's agenda is to enlighten those who wish to know by Q&A. Its said to be a mandatory for the souls who incline themselves to know more before the coming Harvest it mentions. Also, it explains THE GAME here in 3D over us. Why we have duality and a catalyst.

Lemme know what you guys think..


This has to have a real meaning to it..Thats 3 of us, now. Like you I just stood there in amazement and overwhelm. I didn't know what to do but just stand there and study it.
So, if others are having this dream, we should find out. Someone can post a blog or something on it, if you do, lemme know..Id like to see what everyone has to say. Its odd. Dreaming the same dream sort of speak.

I agree, it seems there is something that needs further observation and inspection pertaining to this series of dreams. I have perplexed over the underlying message of this particular dream of mine since it happened, only really concluding, in feeling, that despite the seeming horror and tribulation being perceived around these images, I am still detached, with a slight feeling of deepness or fullness in my chest area, which leads me to believe I am going to be affected in a positive way or neutral way. Now, I define that 'feeling' as being in control over my emotional self and my ego to objectively view a situation at hand by the facts.
Esdsix - I recently started reading The Fringe by Karla Turner, very fascinating stuff, though the uneasiness and familiarity of events/symptoms spoken of lead me to a somewhat uncomfortable experience when I delve into the pages. I haven't finished it yet, nor have I read any of her other books, but I've been shown through personal research the concept of soul harvesting/containment (on a somewhat separated note, there is a church in my town called 'Life Harvester Church'. Creepy, no? ). There are numerous accounts through the Bible codes and speakers across the board from Christians to New Agers similarly describing the coming of a/two celestial planet(s)/body(ies) with a strong magnetic pull and/or electrical pull, and in most cases, accompanied by a luminous deity/ascended master/resurrected historical character riding forth to (and this is agreed on by all accounts) 'save'/'ascend' their hoarded masses/sheeple to their new home. I do not agree with any one thing/being calling themselves a savior and demanding worship or adoration for their 'services', just to set the color of my opinion out there.
On the note of the moon, I have also heard through something called the Electric Universe theory, which I strongly recommend you both look into, if you haven't already, that the diametrical axis through the moon, Venus, and... another planet or two that I'm not recalling, are all at the same axis because they were 'birthed' at the same time from the same celestial body holding the same degree of axis. It sets it out there pretty plainly that the moon was not part of the same birthing as that which occurred with the Earth. I will post a blog of my dream up, with the similar dream accounts from both of you, if you would not mind me doing so. Let me know if that's okay with you both.
Alright, I've posted it as a blog. I haven't included your account as of yet, Esdsix, but if you choose, I can add it in at any time.
Blog here: http://www.resistance2010.com/profiles/blogs/dreams-of-the-moon-pla...
You can add me.



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